Paris Sparkles in many ways

After yet another break from blogging I am determined to catch up and blog more frequently.  My polish collection has been steadily and I have discovered a few different brands that I look forward to writing about.  Today, Paris Sparkles. Who you can find on face book Here and on Etsy.  As you can see there is quite a theme to the colours that I ordered and I have to say they are amazing!


Apologies for my scruffy writing (and spelling) but they are 4th of July, Savage, Cobalt Surprise, Peacock, Midnight in Paris, Teal Junkie and Black Liquorice.

Each of these have 3 coats and cover well, There is no topcoat in the pictures but I would suggest as they are so glitter filled you probably need one.

These polishes are gorgeous 🙂

I will be back soon with more …..

Enjoy 😀

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Blue gradient

I’m not 100%sure I like this one as the idea was better in my head, maybe I’ll add glitter later lol.


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Back – sorry for the long dissapearance

I have been really busy with Uni recently and haven’t had time to blog.  Im going to do my best to catch up as I have some fabulous new polishes I want to show you all


I will be posting soon!

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Gosh Holo, Spotted Vs Crackle

Ok, so any of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that im a little bit obsessed with holographic polishes.  The Layla polishes are fab and I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle of GOSH Holographic hero aka Gosh 549.  Well what can I say about this little beauty, Sparkly is the first thing that pops in to my head followed by pretty and in the sun there’s a definite “OOOOOHHHH” factor.

early morning sun

Please ignore the colours either side

I have found it to be fairly hard to photograph at its best but i will keep trying!

Supposedly this is a nightmare for applying and staying power but this is what i did,  1 coat perfect formula gel, 1 coat of Nails inc Floral street,  2 coats of GOSH and 1 coat of Nails inc Kensington caviar top coat.

I decided after a day of wear that I would see what OPI spotted was like over the top.  After doing one hand I wasnt sure, so did the other hand in Nails inc black crackle Camden


Crackle on my rarely seen right hand lol

I still can’t decide which I prefer!


Enjoy 😀


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Pink and blue print nails

Having had 2 whole days of sunshine this week I decided to finally do a summery nail design.  Bright and bold like the mens Hawaiian shirts (although far more tasteful).

I have also been looking for a reason to use the gorgeous “the mall” polish from nails inc and thought that it would be a good contrast with “notting hill gate” also from nails inc.  I used bundle monster plate 221 for the flower print.

taken at night with room lighting but no flash and before proper tidy up


Please excuse the damaged cuticle!
Also used perfect formula gel as a basecoat and kensington caviar top coat.


Enjoy 😀

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OPI Spotted over neon

OPI spotted – a polish that is limited to central Europe and is selling on eBay for mega bucks!  A friend of mine ordered from sephora France and added one for me to her order.

What is all the fuss about?  well its a special effects polish that spots , like oil on water, rather than crackles.

The application is slightly tricky at first, I tried several times and I found the trick is to apply sparingly but not so sparingly that the brush drags and not to move it round too much.  The spots appear almost immediately.

I will be trying this over more polishes as soon as I have a spare hour or so.  I have noticed that the base polish has to be completely dry though or it will crack underneath.

I will be reporting back soon on how it looks over other colours and how it wears (have only used it on wheels so far).


S 😀

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I hold my hands up

I will admit, My name is Sian and I have a nail polish addiction.  After finally finishing my decorating at home I have got back to painting my nails.  I also decided that I would tidy the drawers on my Helmer (polish storage device) and this is my collection of nails inc polishes

As you can see there is pretty much every colour of the rainbow and a few more too.  Glitters, Special effects, Crackles, Overglazes and the odd magnetic or 2 in there too.  A few colours that I can pick out as favorites would be Notting Hill Gate, the vauderville overglaze, diamond nail jewelery and Electric Lane which looks good over almost everything.


Next drawer and more posts coming soon


Enjoy 😉

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