Colour testing goes mad

Not long ago now, I purchased a collection of China Glaze polishes off the wonderful EBAY!  The collection was called “we adorne you” and there were 8 polishes included in this.  The 5 of them I like the most I swatched on one hand.  They are :

Thumb – Ruby Pumps – a stunning glittery red which really does shine like you wouldn’t believe!

index finger – Guilded Treasures – A light gold with silver glitter.  Very thin and needed multiple coats to get full coverage

Middle finger – Draped in Velvet – stunning purple

Ring finger – Drenched in Diamonds (good choice for a ring finger i thought) A lovely shiny silvery white. Very thin again but if you like subtle then this is gorgeous.

Little finger – Eyes like sapphires – a mid blue with silver glitter particles


None of these had a top coat on as i was painting the swatches in the car while waiting for school to finish.  I love these colours and have used them all several times since but i think Ruby Pumps has to be my favorite of this collection. The bright red of this colour is just so cheerful it makes me smile to look at it 🙂


Enjoy 😀


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Im a nailaholic - im obsessed with nail polish and Want to share this love with others
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