Autumn Comes Early

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, I was up to my eyes in Autumn cleaning (like Spring cleaning but later in the year).  Credit where due, the greens from Friday stood up to the challenge admirably, and after a full day of scrubbing floors, moving furniture and washing dishes only one nail had chipped.  I re-painted my nails before going out for dinner, so I admit they were a little rushed, with China Glaze Midtown Magic from the Metro collection. This dark brown hides a lovely secret: gold flecks of glitter.  I put this colour on and it applied beautifully as usual for China Glaze and had full coverage in two coats.  The gold flecks shine through in an unexpected way, giving a wonderful autumnal glow in the rare September sunshine (and under restaurant lights).

This is a really difficult colour to photograph as the gold is hard to capture but I assure you it is there and in the right light it comes alive.

In summary, a gorgeous Autumn colour

Enjoy 😀


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