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I would love any comments on my posts or suggestions that you may have.  Please feel free to contact me  😀

Enjoy 😀


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Im a nailaholic - im obsessed with nail polish and Want to share this love with others
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2 Responses to I would love to hear from you

  1. tigerlinny123@gmail.com says:

    hi i am thinking about getting some spectraflair powder and was wandering is it as good as it seems? i am desperate for a gosh holo but its ridiculously priced on ebay, and was wandering if this might be a better option for me thanks lindsay x

    • Hi. Yes I would say that spectraflair is definaltely worth buying, You wount get exactly the same effect as the GOSH holo however,
      Spectraflair will give you a multicoloured rainbow in the sun and one gram will make between 8 and 10 spectrapolishes. You will also need to buy or obtain small steel ball bearings to mix the powder in with the polish.
      If you want a polish thats like the GOSH then Marks and Spencer do a polish called rainbow which is about as similar as you can buy to the GOSH one. It is in their long wear range and is priced at £7.50. It is a lovely polish, in dull lighting it looks a silvery grey but as soon as there is light on it it comes alive.

      I hope I helped Lindsay


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