Magnetic Nail Polish

I have to admit that I was sceptical about the new magnetic nail polishes and I was not willing to pay the prices from the premium brands (no names mentioned) for a polish that I may not even like.  Boots 17 range have brought out a selection of four colours, Gun metal, Lilac, Blue and Teal at £5.99 per bottle and currently (as of 25th Sept) are 3 for 2.

I decided to order the Gun metal. Blue and Teal.  When they arrived, my first thought was that the colours were lovely and almost glittery in appearance in the bottle.  I couldn’t wait to try them so applied them over my existing polish.

Thumb has the Gun Metal, Index finger Teal and middle finger is the Blue (which has a lovely purple shimmer to it).


It is one occasion where I would suggest that 1 thick coat is better than 2 thin ones.  As soon as you have painted the polish on, you need to hold the lid, which houses the magnet, over your nail.  The lid has a small lip on which you can rest your cuticle area but i did find that it was slightly fiddly on the 1st attempt as it is very easy to bump your nail against the magnet.  With these I counted fairly slowly to 10 to allow the pattern to develop.

The metallic sheen that you have left is really lovely and unusual.  I think im going to be using these quite often.


Enjoy 😀


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