Marvelous Magnetics

Even after trying these as samples a few weeks ago I wasnt sure if I liked them or not,  Yesterday i needed a Mani that would look a bit special and different for an awards night at my previous college.  I decided on the Grey boots 17 magnetised polish and I love it!  So many positives to this polish, it is shiny and almost metallic looking and with the pattern from the magnet it has so much depth and had that optical illusion of the pattern moving in different light.  It is gorgeous!


You can see on my thumb that this has so many different shades of colour at one time.

Even my mum liked this one!


Enjoy 😀


About welshgirl's varnish

Im a nailaholic - im obsessed with nail polish and Want to share this love with others
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2 Responses to Marvelous Magnetics

  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    That is some cool polish!!! 😉

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