Luscious Legends :D

I have been eagerly awaiting the newest collection from A England the Legend collection.  The lovely Adina took pre-orders for this and after seeing the sample pictures i was hooked.  I ordered : Saint George, Dragon, Bridal Veil, Princess Tears and Order of the Garter.  These little beauties arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try them.  Off came the old polish and on went the legends.

I cannot express in words how gorgeous these are,  the colours are vibrant and rich, the application is fabulous as with all A England polishes and the sparkle is gorgeous.  The only criticism is the British weather at the moment, there isn’t enough sun to show off the beautiful spectrum of colours in each polish!

In this picture, Thumb and little finger are Princess tears, a light lilac base with the glorious holographic sparkle, index finger is St George, a rich dark teal, Middle finger is Dragon, a lovely moss-green and ring finger is Bridal veil a rich black with the same sparkle as the others.

Each of these is 2 coats with a topcoat (not A England sorry) and they are gorgeous.

Where is Order of the Garter I hear you say,  well I decided to use that one separately as it is bright and cheerful and im going to go a full mani with it very soon.

look at that sparkle!!


You can order A England directly from and although the legend aren’t on the website yet you can email Adina on to order them.


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