A few favorites and must haves

There are a few different products for hands and nails that I would have to say are favorites and must haves.  I thought I would write a quick blog about them and the things that I believe are essential for any girl to have.

A good nail file – forget emery boards, long-lasting files are the way to go.  Possibly one of the best on the market at the moment is the Leighton Denny Crystal file.  They are not cheap but if you look after it, it will last many years.  (I don’t have one yet but have been informed that they are fab by my lovely online friends).  Personally i am currently using a Nails Inc glass file which is really nice and compact and easy to use.

Here is the link for a crystal file – http://www.leightondenny.com/product-detail/53/crystal-nail-file-in-aluminium-box

and the Nails inc Glass file – http://www.nailsinc.com/nailpolish/glass-nail-file/658/

A nail buffer – to reduce those horrid ridges that we all get from time to time.  File, buff and polish those nails, but not too often or you will weaken them rather than strengthen them.

A good one is – http://www.modelsownit.com/accessories/6-way-shape-it-and-buff-it-nail-file.html

A good basecoat – essential for under all polishes to avoid staining.  There are hundreds of different ones out there, try a few and see which you prefer.  Personally i like Seche vite perfectly clear basecoat or Sally Hansen Miracle cure as it strengthens as well as protects.

Top coat – preserves the life of your manicure.  They come in many different variations, quick dry, non chip, super shiny, matte finish and many others.  Again its a case of trying a few and seeing which you prefer, I like seche vite fast dry topcoat, Nails Inc Kensington Caviar 45 second topcoat and Rimmel Pro matte topcoat.

Handcream / hand lotion – a saviour for these cold winter days when the cold and heating can play havoc with your skin.  You moisturise your face, so why don’t we look after our hands as well as that!  There are hundreds of different hand creams on the market.  My personal favorite is Nails Inc Kensington hand lotion

Kensington Handlotion – http://www.nailsinc.com/nailpolish/kensington-caviar-hand-lotion/571/


Cuticle oil will help you avoid those horrible hang nails (the little bits of skin that peel up for no reason) they will also help your nails stay in good condition.  A couple of popular ones are Avoplex by OPI and the oil pen by Nails Inc

OPI avoplex and popular basecoat nail envy – http://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx?view=2&app=detail&params=item^217523,navlist^217523*224666*223612*224754*,cm_scid^dtl

Avoplex can also be bought in a “to go” formula which is fab for keeping in your handbag.

Nails Inc oil pen can be purchaced at www.nailsinc.com

I will add any more I think of as I think of them.

Enjoy 😀


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Im a nailaholic - im obsessed with nail polish and Want to share this love with others
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