Nail Stamping + nails inc

No this doesn’t involve standing on other people s nails, It’s the way to transfer an image from a design plate to the nail.

There are several different brands of nail stamper plates, Konad are the best known but Bundle Monster also have a really good selection.  Several others can be found on Amazon and eBay is you type “nail art stamping” in to the search bar.

I have tried a number of different polishes for stamping, Konad sell specialist polish but I have found that Nails Inc tend to work best as they are highly pigmented and not too thin.  I tried 3 different polishes last night with the same stamp pattern. Models Own Stirling silver and Blue moon as well as Nails Inc Park Crescent.


Thumb is blue moon stamping, Index finger is stirling silver and middle finger Nails Inc.  If you enlarge the photo you can see that the pattern is much sharper with the nails inc.

Base colour is China Glaze senorita bonita 🙂

Note to all planning to try stamping, Make sure you take the plastic coating off the plate first,  Also remember Glitter polishes will not work for stamping as it must be a smooth polish.  Enjoy playing with different polishes and colour combinations.


Enjoy 😀


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Im a nailaholic - im obsessed with nail polish and Want to share this love with others
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