Nail Art

I recently found a nail art course at a local college and decided to follow my polishaholic side and enrol on it.  This 2 day level 2 course was fab.  As well as learning the basics of manicuring we also learnt hand and arm massage and various different techniques for nail art, using brushes, dotting tools, foils and gems.

This is a selection of designs i came up with on the 1st day of the course.  please bear in mind that the selection of base colours was limited and these were first attempts!

Interestingly the designs were all done in acrylic paint not nail polish.

I think i shocked the tutor when i revealed just how many polishes i actually own.  (oops)


I have a set of brushes so the next step is to aquire some paints so I can practice on real people!


Enjoy 😀

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Sprinkles Nails

Nails Inc have recently released four new sprinkles polishes (found on and after seeing them as a special treat for the members of our “nail group” at a meet in Birmingham a little while ago (thank you V for organising it – you know who you are) I knew I was going to want them.

After a friend spotted dupes of 2 of these on by W7 I decided to try these 1st.

from left to right, Salt and pepper, Lava Flow and Mosaic.

I couldn’t decide what to wear so currently have Lava flow on my left hand and salt and pepper on the right.  Mosaic will be the next to try, as it reminds me of outdoor swimming pools and the sun reflecting off the sea.  Maybe im just dreaming about sunny weather to make up for the fact that we havent had any yet.

As an additional note, it’s the 1st time I have ordered from and I will definitely use them again, delivery was super quick and on the W7 polishes was free!

Enjoy 😀

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More Holographic Polish

I was lucky enough that a friend of mine didn’t want her Layla Holographic flash black,  a quick paypal transaction later and the 3rd of my gorgeous holographic polishes was in my sticky mitts.  After swatching it on my wheel and finding it was rather sheer I wore it over Nails Inc Black Taxi.

The rainbow of colours in these polishes are amazing! (sorry for the messy nails I was rushing to take pics so i could blog)

This picture has seche vite top coat on the top.


Enjoy 😀

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Dotty nails

This week I have been having a play with dots to create nail art.  I used a dotting tool, but the end of a pen (preferably one that doesn’t work anymore) or a pin head would work just as well.  The first picture is a nod to the neon trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment.  I was looking for a way that neon can be worn so its not quite as “in ya face” as usual.  This is what I came up with

This picure uses nails inc George Street as a base.  This “nude” has a pinky lilac tinge to it in the daylight and is really pretty.  The neon dots are nails inc Portobello and color club yellow.

The second design that I tried was a pastel combination using the 3 free nails inc polishes in last months “InStyle” magazine.  The colours are Power pink, Bluebell and peach sorbet.

Both of these have nails inc Kensington Caviar topcoat on the top.


Enjoy 😀


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Layla holographic – holo to the extreme

If you have enjoyed polishes like nails inc royal mews or marks and spencer rainbow, you will love the layla holographic range. This italian brand have created a series of the blingiest polishes I have ever seen.  They are available on the internet so are accessable to us here in the uk. I bought mercury twighlight and mermaids spear.  These polishes are gorgeous, they are however a bit of a faff to apply.  That do not like base coat and it is reccomended that you buff your nails first and then apply the holographic polish directly to the nail. 

I followed this advise and found that it takes at least 3 if not 4 coats of polish to get the full effect.
But it is worth it!


Look at that sparkle! They look amazing in the sunshine! This is mercury with mermaids spear on the ring finger

In this picture I used nails inc kensington caviar top coat, followed by another layer of polish and then a further layer of topcoat. It lasted about 2 days before it started chipping.

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Nails Inc, Old Bond Street (limited edition)

I searched high and low for this colour,  It’s a limited edition from last year and it is gorgeous!  A grey base with a purple / green petrol shimmer in the light it looks amazing.  In the dull light we have been having recently its a dark grey with a heather type purple shimmer but when the sun comes out it shows the purple and green shimmers to perfection.

In this picture I have used China Glaze fairy dust over the top on thumb and ring finger.  I’m still wearing this polish 4 days later (unusual for me) and its even lasted through building wardrobes!

Gorgeous Nails inc colour and if you try a few branches you might find they still have a couple in stock. (House of Frazer in Cardiff had 2 more when I got mine about a week ago ;). )


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Sparkly, Starry Night

Those of you who have read my blog before will know that I had a play with Spectraflair powder added to black a while ago. When I was having a sort out this polish jumped out at me and screamed to be used so I decided to go black and silver starry.

For this picture I have used the spectraflair black that I made and Nails Inc Montpellier Square. This is a fabulous shiny metalic silver and its brilliant for Konad type stamping.

This was 2 coats of the black, one layer of stamping and kensington caviar top coat


Enjoy 😀

ps, there are alot more photos ready to blog about so I will be posting regularly 🙂

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